BEE Ball Valves and Safety Valves

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BEE Ball Valves

 1.1   Threaded Ball Valves made from brass, spheroidal graphite cast iron and carbon steel
 1.2   Flanged Ball Valves made from spheroidal graphite cast iron, carbon steel and steel
 1.3   3-Way Ball Valves made from brass and carbon steel
 1.4   Stainless Steel Ball Valves
 1.5   Ball Valves in Special Design / Enhancements and Options for chapters 1.1 - 1.4
 1.6   Automated Ball Valve Packages and Controls

BEE Safety Valves

 2.1   Thermally Released Shutoff Valves TAS ( TAE with European Union patent application )
 2.2   Gas Shut-Off - Safety Ball Valves with integrated TAS
 2.3   Gas Appliance Connection with TAS
 2.4   Mounting Kits for flanged TAS
 2.5   Excess Flow Safety Valves

Ball Valves tabularly

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